Litetrace Profile

Litetrace was founded in 2014 in Shenzhen by a sophisticated engineering team with the belief that Bluetooth mesh technology can fundamentally change the way of commercial lighting control business.

Litetrace offers a complete package of fixture sensors, controllers, switches, apps, cloud services, connects IoT demanding of brands, manufacturers, Installers and space users, and meets the building codes and rebate standards.

Why Litetrace

Litetrace solution is based on Bluetooth Mesh, the most advanced low energy wireless technology and can be easily connected to Smartphones, Pads, and Tablets. That is also the next mainstream IoT network.

High Performance

The key aspect of Litetrace solution is the great user experience which contributed by a high-performance mesh network optimized for lighting applications. Which is 50% less latency, 200% communication distance, less than 0.001% packet loss.

Robust System

Litetrace BLE module is enterprise-level and designed for extreme conditions, the components have sufficient margin to endure the harsh environment. Patent algorithm ensures nodes long time online requirements.

Great Compatibility

Litetrace values the expansibility and compatibility of system initially, our devices can be connected to the majority third-party protocols as a sub-system. Such as DALI, KNX, DMX, or some private systems like Lutron, Creston and Savant, etc,


Fred Tai


Fred Tai is an experienced entrepreneur who spent years running his own businesses in the fields of marketing and sales of commercial lighting. Fred was responsible for global marketing strategies, as well as for negotiations with American and European trade partners. He decided to dedicate his professional life exclusively to Litetrace.

Deng Ming

Founder | CTO

Deng Ming has more than 20 years' experience in the IT and telecommunication field. Experienced in product planning, management, and architecture design. Familiar with user interaction design, data modeling, wireless communication, and cloud platform infrastructure technologies. He worked for China Mobile and was responsible for product management of mobile data service systems and service delivery systems. He is responsible of product planning and user interaction design in Litetrace.

Wang Liping

Co-Founder | SA

Wang Liping has more than 20 years' experience in the IT and telecommunication field. Experienced in SoC, radiofrequency and cross-platform communication technologies. He has successfully lead the system design and R&D job of large VoIP systems prior to join LiteTrace. He is responsible for technology innovation and product R&D in Litetrace.